Drug use

We take a harm reduction approach to HIV and drug use.

This means we support don’t punish. We do this because we know it works. 

Injecting drug use accounts for 30% of HIV infections outside of sub-Saharan Africa, and up to 80% of infections in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Criminalizing people and marginalising them fuels the HIV epidemic. Supporting people with harm reduction services such as methadone programmes and providing safer injecting equipment  works. It helps keep individuals safer and curbs the epidemic.

A needle exchange and other harm reduction services are provided harbour-side as the fishermen dock at dawn. (c) Alliance Read our Good Practice Guide for an in-depth understanding of our approach. It is informed by the Alliance’s collective experience and is intended as an adaptable guide for community-based programming.

The Alliance is delivering on two key harm reduction programmes, see Asia Action and Community Action on Harm Reduction for more information.

Alliance for Public Health, the Alliance's linking organisation in Ukraine, leads one of the world’s largest national HIV programmes targeting people who use drugs.