The Alliance’s response to PEPFAR’s new strategy

The Alliance welcomes the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief’s (PEPFAR) continued commitment to end AIDS. However, we remain concerned about the ever-narrowing focus of resources on a dwindling subset of countries and locations. Primarily, we worry about the impact the new strategy will have on the lives of people living with or affected by HIV outside of the 13 selected PEPFAR countries. For example, in Ukraine new HIV infections have been rising and a cut in funding now could see a resurgence in the epidemic.

This new strategic direction, given that it comes from the single largest donor to global HIV, risks undermining decades of critical prevention and treatment efforts. We must be very careful about not declaring mission accomplished on the global AIDS response. There are still close to 2 million new infections every year, and we are still 'only' half way to securing treatment for everyone. 

Crucially, the strategy does not seriously address the social, cultural and political issues that lead to certain groups being disproportionately affected by HIV. 

We urge the US Government to hold fast on all the gains made, and to continue its support for key populations and the structural barriers that continue to block our path to full epidemic control for ALL.