Fund for Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights launches in Uganda

Today sees the launch of a Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) “Umbrella Fund” in Uganda (2016-2020).

<p>Peer Educator Christopher Sssenoga, 21, carries out a condom demonstration at Naguru Teenage Information and Health Centre in Kampala, Uganda.</p>

Peer Educator Christopher, 21, carries out a condom demonstration in Kampala, Uganda. ©Peter Caton for the International HIV/AIDS Alliance

The Fund will build the capacities of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and community-based organisations (CBOs) to deliver quality services for communities that have unmet SRHR needs and are highly vulnerable to HIV. 

Target communities of the Fund include children aged 10-14; adolescent girls and young women; people living with HIV; and key populations, including men who have sex with men, sex workers, truckers and fisher-folks. Key populations encompass a wide variety of people with different needs, requiring strategies that address cultural, social and gender norms.

Integrated HIV-SRHR services include life skills and sexuality education, HIV and sexually transmitted infection (STI) prevention information, a full range of modern contraceptives, STI diagnosis and treatment, and HIV counselling, testing and on-going care and treatment.

The SRHR Umbrella Fund will contribute towards more Ugandans being able to enjoy their SRHR through:

  • Peer education and support to help people make healthier decisions about their sexual and reproductive health
  • Creating spaces within families and communities to talk safely about sex and sexuality
  • Strengthening community-led service delivery, and building bridges between communities and health services to improve access to SRHR services
  • Improving the quality of services, so that they meet the needs of adolescent girls, young women and key populations
  • Supporting key populations to meaningfully engage in decision-making that affects their lives in order to uphold their sexual and reproductive rights.
  • Advocating to build the capacity of decision-makers, technocrats within the government and community-level leaders towards supporting the objectives of this programme.
“We know from experience that CBOs are best placed to reach adolescent girls, young women and key populations including people living with HIV. This fund will help bring vital resources to create knowledge, awareness and demand for integrated, quality SRHR and HIV services; and advocate for these services to be made available and for sexual and reproductive rights to be upheld.” - Divya Bajpai, Director of Programmes at the International HIV/AIDS Alliance.

The $13 million Fund is funded by the Embassy of Sweden in Uganda, led by the Community Health Alliance Uganda (CHAU) - in partnership with the International HIV/AIDS Alliance - and implemented through national NGOs and CBOs.