Alliance definitions

Definitions of an Alliance Linking Organisation (LO), and the difference between an LO that has passed the new LO assessment and one which is accredited.

Linking Organisation

An Alliance Linking Organisation is a national organisation which is part of, and supported by, the Alliance as a whole. Linking Organisations have a clear national perspective in their country and they strengthen community organisations. Our 40 Linking Organisations supported 2,132 community organisations with grants and technical support last year (2013).

Alliance Linking Organisations are entitled to a wide range of benefits, designed to keep them up-to-date with the latest in programming, policy and fundraising.

They benefit from best practice and shared expertise of Alliance Linking Organisations worldwide, and have a chance to network with like-minded professionals who all share one aim – to end AIDS.

Accredited Linking Organisation

An accredited Linking Organisation has demonstrated strong governance and organisational management. Its HIV programming is good practice programming - effective, targeted and human rights-based.

Passed new Linking Organisation assessment

A Linking Organisation that has passed the 'new Linking Organisation assessment' is an organisation that has not yet been accredited. If after two years the organisation has not achieved accreditation, the Linking Organisation status will be reviewed.

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