In Namibia 13.3% of the population are living with HIV. Marginalised groups, including men who have sex with men (MSM), sex workers and people who inject drugs, are at higher risk of HIV in Namibia.

Positive Vibes work to provide care and support for people living with HIV in Namibia, and target those most at risk of HIV infection with prevention information and activities. In 2016, they provided HIV treatment, care and support to 7,749 people. Positive Vibes supports community-based self-help groups for people living with HIV, providing HIV information for members and helping them deal with stigma and discrimination. They are also working with other NGOs and government offices to build supportive environments for staff living with HIV.

Positive Vibes works with the Alliance on a range of programmes that support marginalised populations. These include:

  • KP Connect, a programme that aims to create a more enabling environment for vulnerable populations in Africa
  • The Comic Relief funded project ‘Realising Rights’ that connects men who have sex with men and transgender people with health services and their communities
  • The Big Lottery Fund programme, ‘Positive Impact’ that aims to reduce the number of new HIV infections through strengthening the links between government and community health systems for people living with HIV.